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Photo by Dominic Gizzo

While interning for Jumpstart Video Productions, Alex and I created short recap videos for a web series called Burgh Buzz. We filmed events going on in downtown Pittsburgh. Here’s what I’ve learned shooting these promotional web videos.

When shooting a promotional web video you want to choose the right event. A free event is best because you most likely won’t need permission to shoot it. If it costs money to get into you might have to get permission from the person running the event. This can be a difficult thing to do, especially when it comes to contacting that person.

The number one key to shooting a promotional web video is getting as many shots as you possibly can. The amount of shots makes all the difference if you want it to turn out well. All your shots are of course going to need to have the correct exposure and steadiness.

The equipment you bring makes a huge difference on how your final video will look. I like to have multiple camera lenses on me at all times. It’s always nice to have lenses for far away shots, close-ups, or even wides. Having a tripod is always nice because of the steadiness you get from it. Getting nice pan and tilt shots are going to look great in your video.

You want to get as many people in your shots as possible. The more you have people interacting with the event your filming the better, your video will turn out. When you show people having a good time, it keeps your audience drawn to the fun of the event.

When you have all the shots you think is enough for your web video now comes the editing process. Searching for the best background song is another good key. Having a background song that matches the theme of your event makes all the difference. You want to match up your shots with the beat of the song so the commercial has a nice flow.

Next, come up with a short script for a voiceover that will describe what’s happening on screen. Having a voice over makes your video sound more professional and it also will draw more attention.

If you take these tips into consideration your promotional web video will turn out great. Making promotional web videos is a great way to get your name out there, and if you know what you’re doing they will always turn out great in the end.

-Dominic Gizzo


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