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In commercial video production, you will likely be doing some sort of advertising at some point. Whenever you do, you must know how to properly make the product and company the main focus of your video.

It’s important to have a concept of what the final video is going to look like before you start anything. Visualize the video and how it will look before you go out to shoot. How will you make it clear that the video is meant to be advertising this product? Usually, this is done by framing and lighting the product so it stands out.

Framing is an important part of any type of video production or filmmaking, but when you’re meant to be advertising a certain product, it makes all the difference. Some objects have to be shown rather than talked about, so it’s important to see the whole thing. For example, a small product such as a watch would require extreme close-ups to show the intricate detail. More abstract items may be shot wider, but they must remain the main focus of the shot.

If the company who makes the product is known for a certain aesthetic, it’s important to match that aesthetic. For an athletic-wear company like Nike, there should be lots of action shots with sports and the like. This also applies to cars, ads for sports leagues, and other “exciting” types of products. Some products like fashion are more low-key and can get away with more “chill” types of shots

When shooting for a product, it must take center stage. You want it to be very clear that this is an advertisement for the company that hired you. Brand recognition is everything, and if you follow these tips, the brand will be very happy with your work.



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