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Shooting A Music Video

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Creating music videos is a great way to get into the video production field. These simple tips will help you if you ever want to shoot a band for a music video. Here’s everything you’re going to need in order to make this shoot turn out great.  

The very first thing you are going to do is create a shot list of every shot you’re going to get from every member of the band. Make sure you have at least 2 – 3 cameras on you when you are going to shoot a band. You want to have at least 2 – 3 cameras on you because it just speeds up the amount of time it takes for you to get each individual shot from every band member. It’s best to capture the entire song from each individual band member.


The equipment you use makes all the difference when shooting a band. Make sure you have different lenses with you in case you want to get some wide shots or some nice close-up shots. For me, I like to use a tripod, a slider, and a shoulder mount for when I’m shooting a band. The tripod helps create nice steady shots for your band. Same with the slider but I like to use the slider because it gives my video more movement to it. And of course, the shoulder mount because free hand shots always look well mixed in with steady shots. You want to have a lot of good steady shots, but for other shots, you want to have some freehand work in it too to give it a nice flow.

Make sure the band is properly lit and the set looks good. The way your set looks make a huge difference in how your shoot is going to look and the mood for the band. Get creative on some locations you’re never going to know what scene will look good with a band until you get out there.

Set up your shots with each camera for the first run through and record the whole time they play the song. Do this each time they play through the song in order to get every shot you need. You could be playing through the song a lot of times.  Keep in mind this process is not a quick process. But in the end, when you edit it together it will look great.

Make sure each time you play through the song the band is playing the exact same way they play for each shot. The main key is to have every shot lined up perfect so when you go to edit it they all match the flow of the song.

You’re going to realize that the amount of work you do for this will be totally worth it and will look awesome in the end. The more work and time you dedicate to a project the better it will turn out.

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