Meet the Interns

Meet the Interns



Jumpstart Video Pittsburgh recently took on two students from Pittsburgh Technical College to serve as interns. What makes the internship unique is that we work together as a team to shoot and edit videos, unlike other internships where interns can only rely on themselves. Our main focus is creating a web series called Burgh Buzz. This series allows us to work on our skills as we shoot events around the city and edit them into short recap videos. Burgh Buzz allows people from all over Pittsburgh to learn about and experience current events happening in the city. Each episode is as much an advertisement as much as a web broadcast. Each episode gives viewers a new opportunity to experience the exciting culture of Pittsburgh.

We wrote this blog post to introduce ourselves so you can get to know us and our work.

Dominic Gizzo – Before coming to this Pittsburgh Technical College I had 4 years prior experience in high school. If it wasn’t for me taking the video production classes they had to offer in high school I probably wouldn’t be in this field today. Learning about this field before even coming to college for it first made this field so much more enjoyable and gave me a much better understanding of this field. My goals after this internship is to start freelancing for a little while just to get my name out there. I want to eventually work with the professionals in our field creating movies and motion pictures where everyone can see my work. Jumpstart was a great place to start my internship. I’m continuing to learn everything I’ve been wanting to learn without the stress. You can check out my work my work at


Alex Kubala – My interest in this field came from classes I took in high school. They gave me a foundation for my skills that I took further in college. I have an interest in advertising and social media, which makes Jumpstart a great fit for my internship. I can do things that match my interests, while also expanding into things such as broadcasting and green screen work. My goal is to develop my skills so I can work for a company that does advertisements for products such as food, cars, and fashion. My website is

We will continue to write blog posts about what we’re doing to help around the office and further our careers for the duration of our internships at Jumpstart.


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