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Legal video services & deposition video recording is a niche in the video business. With that, there are several reasons we offer legal video services. First, we believe legal video work is an interesting field. Second, we have a tremendous amount of expertise in this area. Finally, there is a great demand for our services. Our team regularly works with  insurance companies or attorneys. Sometimes they would like to show an accident scene or use video in a courtroom.

It’s important to show a jury the set of circumstances that existed that led up to the claim or lawsuit. However, there are circumstances where a camera operator can go to a scene days or weeks after an accident.  If permitted the videographer shoots video of the place or job site where the accident happened. In any case, the video can be used in court to show what happened. Video evidence can be very compelling. 

What’s a Deposition?

For us a significant part of our work is recording depositions. First, what is a deposition? A deposition testimony under oath provided by a witness in a case. In many cases a camera operator records on video for playback in court. Recorded depositions are admissible as testimony under oath. The person giving the deposition doesn’t need to show up in court. The video can be admitted to court as testimony provided by the witness.

All of us at Jumpstart Video are well versed in recording video depositions. First, the attorneys and insurance companies need a professional videographer. Our videographers are capable of recording high quality video with good audio and lighting. In addition, we have been in the business of recording conferences and presentations for businesses and organizations for over a decade.

Also, our camera equipment has the ability record for several hours at a time. This is very important to understand because the video needs to be submitted the court in its entirety. Furthermore, deposition may last several hours, or even an entire day. This is important because the entire video must be contained in one recording. In addition, no editing makes it qualify as useful in court or admitted by the judge. The court will not allow an edited video to be entered.

Why Jumpstart Video Production?

We are proud to be in the business of legal video work. Jumpstart Video is well equipped as well as staffed with professional videographers. Our crew can go into a law office, court or any location needed. Often we are hired by attorneys or insurance companies, and provide a good quality recording that meets the standard of the court. It is important to understand that our videographers become court reporters. When we are involved in the recording we may be required to show up in court. With that comes all the professional requirements.  For example, these include proper attire as well as a true understanding and respect for the court and the judge.

In Court

First, the court calls upon the video professional to play the video. Jumpstart staff members are able to operate the playback equipment and play the video. It’s important to remember the video has to be filed with the court in its entirety. With that it also must available to be played as requested by plaintiffs or defendants attorneys.

All testimony must be supplied in the court for form of a DVD or whatever format they request. This media now becomes legal evidence and property of the court. It is also important to understand that the videographer who recorded the deposition is responsible for going to court. This person must testify that the recording is unaltered and accurate.  This videographer will be required to play back the recording at specific times in the timeline. 

The Concept

All of us at Jumpstart Video Production know that being involved in legal recording and depositions encompasses several things. First, our camera crews will go out on location and help to potentially recreate a work-site or auto accident scene. Also, we can also take some video of some property that was damaged. Then we can be submitted to the court as evidence.

Another major benefit being that you don’t have to take the jurors to a particular accident scene. The attorneys can just show it in court on big screens. Similarly, another benefit is that many witnesses are not able to schedule time to get to court. It is generally easier for an doctor, expert witness, or technical expert to be deposed at their convenience. Sometimes it’s a challenge to get the doctor or legal expert’s schedule to match the court hearing schedule. We can record the deposition and play it back in court. 

The Reason

Overall, the reason you would want a video deposition taken is that the expert needs to be recorded at their convenience. Moreover, they may be busy at the time that the court needs them to testify. Lawyers can get the testimony they need to defend their client or if the plaintiff needs testimony to file suit. Finally, understanding all the court terminology and the proceedings is important.  Our videographers are highly qualified.

In conclusion, we are the experts in legal video. We have the equipment, staff, and also the experience you need. Count on us for continued success in legal video and deposition video recording. Contact Us to get started or your legal video services & deposition video recordings today. 

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legal video services & deposition video recording.

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