Knowing Your Vision

Understanding your Video Vision

One of the driving forces for a client to be inspired to produce their video vision for their business is that it is going towards something they love and are passionate about. A common road block a client faces when attempting to create a video is a combination of who can do the job right, and what the purpose is. Yeah it could be advertising, but where do you get the ideas from? What could you do creatively to make yourself stand out?

Creativity is a major key to catching the viewer’s attention. It allows them to be more interested and excited. Sometimes it is hard to give a proper quote due to this factor.


Envision and Prepare Your Idea

Before going to someone to create your vision, make sure you know and see your own vision completely. This way you can explain to the best of your ability to the production team. Write or even draw out your ideas. This could include scripts, storyboards, short audio recordings, or if possible, or rough edits of your own! Make sure that it all makes sense and is easy to understand if anyone were to read or watch it.

Once you have those, put them together in which will make it easier for the team to understand exactly what is being asked for. Some clients do not have a proper way of presenting their ideas, so a good presentation is a major plus. Being able to piece together your scripts, storyboards, and any other forms of pre-production will go a long way. This can allow the production team to make their own version of pre-production based off of what you created, and to give the most accurate quote to the client. Once pre-production has been approved, the production of the client’s idea will begin and be created with ease.


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