End of an Internship

by Alex Kubala

My Internship at Jumpstart

When I started my internship with Jumpstart Video in July, it was an exciting time in my career. An internship is the last step to graduating, and it couldn’t have been a better experience or preparation for my career as a videographer.

What I Learned

One of the things I appreciate most about my time at Jumpstart was the independence. One of the first things Dom and I did was create an entire web series from scratch. We chose the name, created a logo and title sequence, and chose locations for shoots. Going on the shoots alone was a great learning experience. Mainly because we had to think about the shots that we needed to make the video. It was also important to learn about timing, so we could get there on time and get enough shots within the timeframe of the event.

Work days inside the studio were also a great help in learning about our craft and preparing for our careers. Several days of our time at Jumpstart were used to construct a set for a talk show. Not only the actual set, but also setting up the proper light and camera placements. We also made use of the green screen to create a background for a host, should we ever need it. The business aspect of working for a production company was also put into play, as we used the company’s database to update the mailing list.

Advancing in Videography

The days we assisted with shoots were the best learning opportunities. Travelling to a location and watching a shoot be done professionally was an excellent way to soak up as much information about professional videography as possible. It further enhanced the way I think about setting up cameras, lighting, and sound equipment. Whether watching or actually partaking in these shoots, we learned so much about on-location shooting.

Interning at Jumpstart only solidified my interest in commercial videography work. It is a career that I intend to continue to pursue, through several paths in the future. I will continue to make myself a viable candidate for employment by going back to school for videography, as well as in marketing. Keeping my portfolio updated with freelance work is also a goal of mine, to make it a more appealing portfolio as my skills and techniques develop. Once I feel comfortable, I intend to find a full-time career as a videographer, preferably in a marketing environment of some sort, whether it be through a production company or an in-house department.


Overall, my time at Jumpstart was as good as an internship gets. I was able to learn about and take part in just about everything involved with working in a production studio, from set-up to shooting, to editing, and everything in between. It was a great learning experience and I thank Dan, Kelsey, and Shawn for providing the opportunity to learn and grow as a professional videographer.


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