Video for Social Media

Social media is bigger than ever! This year 80% of the US population is online. This means video for online platforms is crucial more than ever. Videos online can reach a desired audience for your business. Here’s what you should consider for your video for social media.

What’s your goal with your social media video? Do you want your video to drive traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness, increase SEO & global awareness, or improve your brand reputation? This is important to know before distributing your video online.

So you have your video and you know what you want to get out of it. Now you must choose the social media platform for it. You can pick all, but remember one video does not fit all as each platform has its own rules. Each has its own format, resolution, size, and length. Video length limitations vary. For example, Twitter and Instagram limit your video to 1min, while Facebook and YouTube have no time limit. Think of each platform as its own channel for your video.

The great thing about video on social media is that you can target the demographic you want to see it! This includes age, gender, interests, occupation, and more. Take advantage of this, as you can target your perfect audience directly with your video.

Keep in mind social media offers other features for video. Story video is an option on Instagram and Facebook that shows 15 seconds of a video or picture and is viewable for only 24 hours. These tend to be used for daily promotions or events. Live video is another feature on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. This is great for personal interaction, Q&As, or live offers. Also captions placed on top of your video increase view times and engagement.

You decided on your goal for your video, which platform to release it on, identified your target demographic, and considered all video features each platform offers. Now you’re ready to upload your video and release it to the digital world!

Every video online can be boosted with the right budget and increase views, with the potential to go viral! We hope to see your video for social media do just that!

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