How to Write a Great Promotional Script

Before writing your script, there are some things you need to know.


  • Type of Video – First, what are you writing this for? Is it a tv commercial, website video, promotional, social media ad, YouTube video, etc.? How long is it? Length will determine the layout and pace of your story. Where will it be seen? One video does not fit all.  Each type has a different platform, which calls for a different formatting of your video. For example, social media ads have different dimensions than a commercial for TV does, and not formatting correctly will cause size and playback errors for your video.


  • Genre – What is the feel for your script? Is it testimonial, comedic, serious, romantic, edgy, thrilling, scary, or explainer or educational? Each one has its own set of tropes.


  • Know Your Audience – Who are you writing for and why? Are you targeting a certain demographic of people: race, age, gender, financial status, etc.


  • Call to Action – What are you asking your audience to do? Do you want them to buy a new product? Do you want them to know about your business? Do you want them to donate to a cause? Why should your audience do this?


  • Characters – Who or what is best to tell your story? Is it a simple voice over with b-roll? Is it an actor or actors telling the story of your brand? Is it an animated cartoon character? Characters are tools for telling stories and are the stars of your script.


  • Location – Where does your story take place? This is the setting for your characters and another tool to tell your story and sell your call to action.


Now that you know all these important factors, you can begin writing your script. Make sure your script has the following below for your beginning, middle, and end.


  • Attention Getter – What will grab your audience’s attention fast? You have 15-60 seconds to tell your story and make sure your audience watches and listens. In order to do this, you’ll need the inciting incident or beginning action of your script, that sparks the rest of your story, to draw in your audience.


  • Sell the Audience –  For the middle of your script, make sure your story accomplishes your call to action, and is entertaining for the audience. They need a reason to stay and watch. Your characters steal the show here.


  • Seal the Deal – You’ve grabbed the audience’s attention, you’ve entertained them, and now you need to seal the deal. End the script with the product or subject of your script, and make sure that the audience is satisfied. The audience now knows your call to action and has a better chance of buying your product, visiting your website, calling your business, or joining your cause.

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