Creating Concepts

Creating Concepts

With semi-professional video production technology becoming more and more accessible, it has become extremely easy for amateur videographers and editors to create their own videos. One thing that separates these amateurs from professionals happens before the cameras begin rolling. Having a concept for a video project beforehand makes a world of difference when it comes to creating a proper video. 

The Idea

The first thing you have to consider is the general idea of the video. If it’s an advertisement, think about the best way to show off the product in question. Some advertisements use actors to tell a story, while others may just show the product with a voiceover on top. It’s all about what best fits the feeling of the final video. Ads with a comedic feel are more likely to use actors and have a storyline, while others may be more “epic” and just require voiceover and product shots. Music is also an important factor when considering the mood of the video.

No matter what the project in question is, you always have to start by pre-visualizing the finished video. Once you know what the subject of the video is going to be, you can start kicking around ideas in your head. For a video about an event, you can learn what activities will be going on, such as live music, food being cooked, or vendors. Then, think about the composition of each shot. You may want close-up shots of food to show the detail, while a wide shot may be better for a band.

The Shots

Finally, think about where each shot you take will be used in the final video. An extremely wide crowd shot is usually a good opener to show the popularity of the event. The detailed shots of the activities can then be used in the body of the video. As important as an attention-grabbing opener is, you don’t want to lose viewers halfway through.

It’s always important to keep the energy moving for your video. The last thing anyone wants to watch is a video that drags on and bores them. Therefore, you have to make sure the body of the video is interesting. You can do this by having fast cuts to keep the eyes focused on many different things, and also to show off different shots in a short amount of time.

Creating a concept for a video will definitely make your video stand out against ones with no thought put into them. Just remember to visualize not only each shot, but the final video as well, and make it have an interesting theme. How much thought you put into it is a big factor in creating an impressive final video.

-Alex Kubala


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