Adventures with Pittsburgh Dental Spa

While all of our shoots are fun, shoots with Pittsburgh Dental Spa are always a special adventure. From Station Square to Mount Washington, the team at Pittsburgh Dental Spa likes to get creative with their shooting locations and that take us throughout the city of Pittsburgh.  This past Sunday we spent the day with Natalie, Dr. Runco and Elaine picking the perfect backdrop for their Steelers and Sedation spots.

Natalie and Dr. Runco light up the screen with their personalities and professionalism. There are no pauses for lines with these two.  When they show up on set, you know your getting two, on the ball, on-screen talents. “Its time to get sedated!” Dr. Runco exclaims, cheers erupt. Atop the Mount Washington Overlook with a crowd of extras cheering along and the skyline in the background, the first spots were in the can and it was on to Station Square.

Station Square is partially known for its view of downtown Pittsburgh from across the Monongahela River and we were looking forward to using it as our third spot’s backdrop. Dr. Runco and Natalie popped in their colorful outfits against the grey sky and muted buildings with the help of a couple of panel lights.

When shooting a commercial outside, it’s always important to remember that you might have to improvise. As a dusting of rain started to fall, Shawn, the shoot director, quick on his feet, realized we had a spectacular view of Heinz Field and the Fort Pitt Bridge just a small turn to the left of our previous shot. Instead of trying to outrun the rain to Point State Park, we adjusted our lights, did a quick clothing change and captured the best shot of the day.

As always with Pittsburgh Dental Spa, a successful day of shooting was filled with laughs, a good time and great views of Pittsburgh’s downtown.

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